Some Of The Best Museums To Visit In The Eastern Slovakia

The eastern part of Slovakia tourists more popular, mainly due to poor infrastructure. Interestingly, the second and third largest cities are located in the eastern part of Slovakia – Presov and Kosice. Both cities have a rich history and a lot to offer.

You can find the museum in the same area of the city, but a family museum in eastern Slovakia Kosice, the oldest and most important museums in Slovakia. The exhibition offers visitors an insight into the history and nature in eastern Slovakia. The museum has a number of unique exhibits. In addition to three major exhibitions – natural, cultural, historical, and it is also a treasure of gold. Golden Treasure in 1935 the reconstruction of the building, one of the findings in this city. It is believed that the treasure hidden around the year 1679, because the city was occupied by the Hungarian scholar Imrich Thököly. It consists of more than 2,900 gold coins, gold chain and some gold.
Kosice Gold Treasure Museum


Carpathian Mountains Nature Expo is natural to develop the East Slovak Museum.

The focus of this report is the nature of the Carpathian region. The museum has a rich collection of funds from the natural geological specimens, including 1100, 800 invertebrate and vertebrate zoological collections and 140 botanical exhibits representative.

Century art – art exhibition showcasing visitors from the Middle Ages to the early development of the early 20th century. It covers sacred art from local artists peak trough medieval crafts fair to the 20th century to the early 18th century home interior signs everything.

Miklus prison is part of the museum as well. A presentation by the former in prison, former torture chamber, which also includes the executioner Miklus candles and prisoners and mini jewel collection is permanently installed in places underground.

The museum is from Tuesday to Sunday 9: 00 ~ Winter 18: 00-17: 00. Admission is € 2. You can also buy Kosice cards welcome, allowing you to cafes, shops and restaurants around the city and public transport free for 10 Museum in Kosice, discount.

Kosice city has much to offer. Beautiful downtown, friendly people and a large number of teenagers and elderly guests of the event. Outside the city there are a lot of exploration. Museum on my list next to Andy Warhol Museum, Medzilaborce.
Andy Warhol Museum, Medzilaborce

In Medzilaborce Contemporary Art and Andy Warhol Museum Andy Warhol remains committed to the only museum in Europe and work e-mail. And why is this city? We all know that Andy was born in the United States, but what is less known is that his parents are from this region and immigrated to the United States. Andy’s mother and his craft working in. He also sold a small homemade creation was to help the family survive. The museum has the famous artists, including many personal items of the original and copies of the most famous paintings. Most of these projects are handed over to the Andy Warhol Foundation and the Andy’s brother Paul museum.


The entrance to the museum is 3.50 euros and the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 10:00 am in the winter or 17:00 pm 16:00 pm. If you’re a fan of Andy’s work in this museum is a must stop on your trip.

Another stop on our tour of the museum is the historic town of Kežmarok car a small museum named. The historical museum is located behind the car Kežmarok castle Kežmarok wall. It is open from Monday to Sunday during the main season and the registration fee is only 2 euro. Do not miss the opportunity to see a unique fire Skoda 154 (1929), the only one in Europe. Presentation by the Automobile Club Poprad together, including a variety of cars from and after World War II. All cars have different stories and tour guy eager to let them go. I’m sure all car enthusiasts will find the soul of the old car. I know this is a small museum




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